You don’t need to break the bank to look fabulous!  
Today’s video is all about How to Save Money on Makeup.  
Trust me, it’s a lot easier than you think!
Whether you’re struggling right now, aiming at looking fabulous on a budget or simply refuse to spend a lot of money on makeup, here are 20 very easy tips that will get you a lot more for your hard earned buck!

#1 Don’t make an impulse purchase.  Reflect before buying.  
#2 Make a list of all the products that you need before you go into a store.
#3 Always request a sample so you can try before you buy.
#4 Go for double duty products which are versatile and can be used in multiple ways.
BENEFIT HOOLA ( Or any other bronzer) 
#5 Take good care of your falsies so you are able to reuse them a lot more times.
#6 Shop online and take advantage of Ebates Cashback programme.
You do the exact same process you always do when you shop online, except you use ebates to be rewarded for it.  Get 4% cashback at, 3% cashback at and 6% at … just to name a few!
Use this link to start earning a $10 USD cashback reward  just for joining ebates!
#7 You don’t need brushes if you’re on a tight budget.  Nowadays, good palettes include very decent eye brushes that can do the trick for you just fine!
#8 Packaging can be misleading sometimes… check grams/oz of products vs prices when comparing!
#10 Don’t apply foundation with a Beauty Blender.  I love and will continue to use my beauty blender, but truth be told: it does absorb a lot of foundation, which means you use up your product a lot quicker.
#11 If you don’t need that much coverage, you can get away with just concealer. It is much cheaper and will help you save your foundation for a special occasion.
#12 Do your online research on drugstore dupes for high end products.  There’s tons of them.
#13 Don’t even bother to buy high end mascaras.  Most drugstore mascaras perform just as well, if not better!
#14 You don’t need a high end foundation to look flawless.  Really, drugstores have really upped their game lately.
#15  Follow Makeup brands you like on Social Media and Subscribe to their Newsletters to be notified of special promotions and discounts.
#16 Swap products that didn’t work for you with your friends.  What didn’t work for you may work for them and viceversa.
#17 Keep a Makeup wishlist at or and postpone checkout until Cyber Monday.  ( Oh! And even then, don’t forget to use Ebates for an additional 4% cashback! ).
#18 Gift yourself Makeup Kits or Holiday kits to get more products with a much better value.
#19 When in doubt, go with palettes instead of individuals. Do the math, you’re actually paying less.
#20 Enter any product on the Youtube search bar and check description boxes for discount codes. Almost every beauty vlogger has them!
I hope these tips help you save more money next time you’re shopping for makeup.
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