Beauty is not about PERFECTION.  It simply can’t be, or nobody would be considered beautiful.
But if there’s a certain quality all beautiful people share is that they all have this passion to try to make the best of what mother nature has given them.  
A great example would be skincare.  Taking good care of your skin by understanding its type and main challenges will translate into a more radiant even looking skin we all cherish.
In a nutshell… Want to look great?  You better work girl 😉

Having pamper evenings to guarantee you’ll have some ME time, is a great first step to give your beauty the special care it deserves.  Speaking of pamper evenings, today I will be showing you my very first time using a luxury diamond mask.  I actually posted a blog post some days ago, reviewing the whole Kristals Cosmetics Diamond line.  The thing is that, back then, I didn’t get the chance to edit the video I filmed while trying the Kristals Diamond Magnetic Mask for the very first time.

I must confess that I had a rollercoaster of emotions going before filming this video, because trying new skincare products FREAKS ME OUT.   PERIOD.
You guys already know why:  my unbelievably sensitive skin!
I was also concerned on the way I should apply the mask and most importantly… would this thick diamond mask actually come off properly with the magnet or would it be a whole mess???!
I definitely don’t want to spoil the video for you guys, so go ahead and find out for yourselves.


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