You know that feeling.
You find the right foundation, mascara or bronzer.  You never thought you could run into that perfect shade that’s oh so flattering for you.  You walk around feeling like a million dollars and your friends shower you with compliments. It feels SOOO good.
 And then a shiver goes down your spine when you wonder: “What if it gets discontinued???”.
I’ve been there myself.  And that’s why I came up with my “Backups Case”.  
A makeup case where I store extras of my current most precious holy grail items.
Let me show you my treasures and guilty pleasures on this video!

Maybelline Eyedefiner Liquid Eyeliner ( similar to )
Quo Blending Sponge ( similar to )

Which of these products would you like me to demo and review in more depth first?
You decide!

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