real roses that last 1 year

Bienvenue to another blog post mes amies!

You guys really seemed to enjoy that clip in my last video where I unboxed a new product and shared with you my first reactions. So, today I bring you another unboxing of a very unique product! Two to be more precise. A special and gigantic package from Le Jardin Infini (The Infinite Garden). 

And, as the same suggests: these are real roses that last ONE year! You may be thinking… wait, what did she just type?? Hey, I didn’t even know this was possible either. But this brand has come up with beautiful real rose arrangements that will indeed last an entire year. Some people say that even over a year with the right love and care, but Le Jardin Infini itself guarantees one whole year.  

If just by that claim you’re beyond intrigued, well that makes two of us!  Plus, Le Jardin Infini Flower Arrangements are the hottest trendiest thing right now. Especially on Instagram, they’re literally everywhere you look. And it’s not that big of a surprise since these are so ¨instagramable¨ and aesthetically pleasing!

The first thing I noticed while unboxing these rose arrangements is how carefully and thoughtfully they had been packaged. And that is not a minor thing, especially when fragile content such as these needs to travel long distances. If you are concerned about any problems while your package is in transit, I wouldn’t worry about it. This company seems to love and respect both their products and their customers.

I personally customized two flower arrangements. And the first one I unboxed was the small white square box one with red roses. And it is oh so cute!!! This was the one I had in mind for my vanity. First of all, a great quality cupboard box that screams quality (and you can absolutely reuse later!). Then exquisite gold accents in the bow and Le Jardin Infini logo that are both so high end!  I was already impressed and I hadn’t even seen the actual flowers! What goes to show you what an impressive presentation it has. 

Le Jardin Infini

Just perfect to be gifted to someone special. Seriously, crème de la crème design if you ask me and it’s even more beautiful in person than in pictures. I thought that was virtually impossible since it seems like everything always looks prettier on Instagram than in real life. Apparently, these are picked at their perfect bloom and dipped into a non-toxic magic formula to preserve their natural beauty all year long. When I found out they´re non-toxic so I felt more free to touch these the petals are so velvety and look so fresh! These are real roses guys!

Like I mentioned above, I actually customized both of these arrangements myself … and you can too!  They have a fab website with a Customize Your Own section where you can unleash your creativity and design the perfect arrangement according to your personal taste and home decor style. There’s a whole world of variety to choose from: different rose colors, different box shapes, and sizes including heart-shaped and ultra-chic acrylic containers.  But if you are the type of person who needs or prefers to be inspired you can just go ahead and scroll down the home page to see very exquisite pictures of different collections and combos.

was thinking of getting the heart-shaped arrangement at first and then I thought no I’m gonna get my husband to buy it for me! And you know those heart-shaped ones are just so romantic for an anniversary or Valentine’s Day! 

These are definitely not cheap at all. Le Jardin Infini rose arrangements are very trendy right now. Although, on second thought…. traditional roses actually last like two weeks. If you were to replace them constantly, these would be a much cheaper alternative. Plus, I somehow find it more respectful towards nature to put them through this very special treatment to preserve them and have them last as much as possible.

So the small square one was definitely not that small at all! Notice the medium size round black box one with white roses next to it in the pictures. It’s massive! It also has a very premium vibe because of the round box and the black color with the gold logo. I feel this would be an excellent gift for you know those types of people that have it all and you really don’t know what to gift! Or even Mother’s Day! 

If your mom has a very refined taste like mine, I know she would be very impressed by the presentation! Talking about special events, birthdays and Mother’s days they have a feature on their site where you can even schedule all special events in advance, and have all your gifts organized for the rest of the year if you wanted to!

If you want to witness the Le Jardin Infini unboxing with your own eyes and hang out with me, click below to watch the full video!

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