From foundation, blush, mascara to lip products, if you could only take ONE from each category to a desert island, which would you choose?
Today’s video is the RIDE OR DIE TAG that I believe was originally created by Jacklyn Hill (scroll down for link).  It’s basically picking your favourite makeup products ( or ride or dies ) for each category. 
I tag you all to make this video, or share your ride or dies with me in the comments below. 

For those of you who enjoy reading blog posts more than watching videos, here’s the complete list of my Ride or Die products for each category:
It does a great job in keeping my skin moisturized and making my foundation last longer.
I recently made a comparison review on the Smashbox Primers, so I’m not going to go too much into it here.  You can checkout my video and learn more by clicking here!
This drugstore foundation, performs better than many high end alternatives.  It has a very nice dewy natural finish and I reach out to it a lot.
Maybelline did a great job with this concealer.  It is such a reliable hydrating cream concealer that can conceal and highlight your undereye area in one step, without exaggerating laughter lines.
I’m not a baker ( don’t like baking my face with powder)  but I do use the tiniest amount of this very light powder to gently set my concealer.
This benefit box-o-powder is a mixture of orange, pink and lavender blush shades that I can combine or use separately on my cheeks.
Who doesn’t love Hoola?  It is a perfect matt shade to contour and warm up my face.  And I also enjoy using it as a transition shade in my crease.  Hey, powder is powder huh?
Although there’s a few Benefit highlighters that I love. this beautiful soft gold champagne shade, is the one I’ve been using the most to lift and brighten my features. 
Naked Palette ( The Original One )
This was my first high end palette.  And I still go back to it over and over and over again.  
When I have only 5 minutes to look effortlessly and naturally glammed up, this is the palette I reach out for.
I’m currently loving this one.  It  is a 2 step mascara. Step 1 is a lash primer with fibers and Step 2 is black mascara. It really widens and opens up my eyes by making my lashes look longer and thicker.
This lipstick has the perfect shade for me: 1 shade darker than my natural lip colour.
Creamy and natural for everyday wear.
If you want to learn more about this one and  another 2 of my top lip plumpers, don’t forget to checkout my BEST LIP PLUMPERS video.
This oil free setting spray has become a favourite because it makes it easier to set and blend powder makeup into my skin for a more flawless overall finish.
And we’re done!  Those were ALL my current RIDE or DIE products.
If you enjoyed this video, you may also like the original RIDE OR DIE TAG video by Jacklyn Hill. 
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