This Wednesday I’m sharing with you my personal thoughts on Allure’s 2016 Best Dry Shampoo Winner: Klorane.    
Is it really THE BEST or is it HYPED UP?

KLORANE DRY SHAMPOO was created in 1970 in France, and its main ingredient is oat milk powder.  It’s a very gentle aerosol dry shampoo that you can use in between hair washes, sporadically when you’re having a super hectic day, while camping on when there’s no water in your building.  Virtually anytime that you can’t wash your hair but need to look fresh anyway.  I also like using it to give volume to my roots or to soften my regrowth in between salon appointments.
I’ve been using this french award winning dry shampoo and today I decided to share with you my personal experience and application tips and tricks.

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