Another day, another video.

Ever wondered if Maybelline’s The Falsies Push Up Drama mascara could really leave your lashes looking like Gigi Hadid’s ?
When in doubt, try it out!
And I did for a few months… but for a very strange reason – that I’ll be sharing with you in today’s video – I couldn’t really make up my mind about it.  Only recently, I learned that there was an alternative waterproof formula of this same mascara, and I will also be trying it out on camera for the very first time while I share with you my first impressions and compare it to the classic version.

Which one performs better?  Which one smudges more? Is the waterproof really water resistant?  How do these products perform during a typical day in my life?
We will try to answer all those questions together, in today’s video.
Hope you enjoy!  
…And make sure to come back for more tomorrow and every day of the week 9AM PT / 12 PM ET.

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