Happy Friday !
Welcome back to another first impressions.  
In today’s episode I’m trying out, for the very first time, the Kristals Cosmetics Extra Firming Neck & Chest Pearl Cream.
You may remember I reviewed Kristal’s Diamond Magnetic Mask. Gemstones, such as Pearl and Diamond, are believed to have beautifying and healing properties.   Kristals Cosmetics is known for their gemstone infused skincare.  This not only makes it stand out from the rest, but its expensive ingredients make it an extremely luxurious skincare brand… pretty unattainable for many of us.
(Keep reading for more pictures and scroll down for video).

There couldn’t possibly be a better time for me to give this product a go.  I recently came back from a family vacation and my neck and chest feel dehydrated from all the sun and drying salt of the sea.
I wonder what makes it so easy for us to forget about our neck and chests when it comes to our skincare routines and why I don’t see more creams that are specifically designed to treat and nourish these areas.

The packaging consists of a sturdy protective rubberized wood case  and a silver luxury bottle containing 1.7 fl oz or 50ml of a very thick nourishing cream infused with pearl powder and allantoin.

The product claims that pure pearl powder combined with kaolin clay, has been used since Ancient Times to purify and balance both dry and oily skin types. The brand explains that “Kaolin clay helps mineralize dry areas while removing excess sebum from oily areas to give you smooth skin that retains moisture”.   

The cream has a thick texture and rich formula blended with allantoin, an ingredient meant to combat allergens and reduce redness and irritation of the skin.

Kristals Cosmetics Extra Firming Neck & Chest Pearl Cream has a high / premium price point ( $449.95 USD), but if you’re smart and follow their TwitterInstagram or Facebook pages, they very often come up with crazy 40-50% discounts, giveaways and offers that can allow you to give it a go, without breaking the bank.  
Hope you guys enjoyed today’s first impressions.  I will be sure to update you guys on long term results in future videos.
Enjoy your weekend but come back next Monday 9AM PT, for my next video!


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