Buyers remorse?  You bet!

More often than not us – beauty bloggers – focus on reviewing products that we love.   Guilty as charged, there were times when I was so excited about new beauty products I was trying out, that most of my blog posts and videos seemed to be shoutouts about all these to amazing products. 
I was so grateful and in love of these.  So, you know, love is a powerful force that inspires us to share 🙂

However, with time, I found negative reviews extremely helpful when I’m about to spend my hard earned money on a new product.  So today, I’m sharing with your my current top 5 product regrets, in the hopes that you don’t make the same mistakes that I did.  

Even though the brands mentioned have created products that I deeply enjoyed in the past, these I believe were huge misses that I wouldn’t recommend to my best friend.  That said, you’re entitled to your own opinion about them.  Every person has different needs and what didn’t work for me, may work for someone else. If any of these have worked for you in the past or your experience with them has been different in any way, then by all means continue using them.  Unfortunately, I know I won’t!

Hope you enjoy today’s Products Regrets and make sure to stop by again tomorrow 9AM PT for a NEW video!

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