The beauty community seems to be raving about one thing and one thing only lately:  gold infused skincare.
Beauty gurus and youtubers, such as jefreestars, swear by it.
I must confess all the buzz about this luxury gold mask just left me wondering:  is it worth the splurge or would we be better off skipping it?
What happens when you use gold infused skincare?
Well, today we’re about to learn more about all of this, as I try this gold mask on myself and in camera for the very first time. 

I actually was saving this unique product for the last couple of months with this video in mind.
Plus, masks are just so much fun to film first impressions videos on. You guys know I like to play around with beauty products and feel like a product critic or beauty investigator here on my blog.

So, first things first, what does the product claim to do exactly?  
Basically,  pure 24K gold is supposed to soothe and equalize the electrical energy of the skin and help boost Elastin.  Gold is also believed to aid in oxygenating the skin on a cellular level for deep renewal, and slow down melanin secretion to reduce age spots and skin discoloration. 

The white leather case this product comes in, contains 12 Adore Cosmetics 24K Techno-Dermis Facial Mask.  Since you’re instructed to use it once a month, this means you’re getting a whole year’s supply.  So, even though its price is up there for all of us mortals, if it actually works – and considering the generous 40% discount offered on Adore Cosmetic’s Twitter Page – this mask may be a great investment and could even replace your monthly facial…
But will it live up to our expectations?
Scroll down for the video where I try it out and let’s find out!

Don’t forget to stop by tomorrow at 9AM PT for a NEW video 🙂

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