You only get one chance to make a good first impression… or so they say.  And although sometimes first impressions can be deceiving, when it comes to makeup, it’s the difference between top drawer products and don’t-care-if-its-even-reachable ones.  You guys know exactly what I mean.  
Today, I tried out the  IT Cosmetics  Live Beauty Fully brushes for ULTA Collection for the very first time.  I filmed it so that I could share with you my first impressions on the video below.  But, first things first, here is an introduction and pictures of each of the brushes I’ll be putting to the test. 

Live Beauty Fully Brushes have – no doubt – a breathtaking design and there’s a beautiful cause behind them.  Two of the reasons which I found absolutely magnetic and drove me to make – I confess – quite an investment on them.  

For each brush of this collection that you purchase, IT Cosmetics donates an exact one to the Look Good, Feel Better program, to help women face the effects of cancer treatments with confidence. When I first found out about this I instantly thought: perfect match, they are beautiful inside and out!
There are a few brushes in the  IT COSMETICS Live Beauty Fully Collection.  The ones I purchased are the following:

This is the most exquisite and biggest brush of the collection.  Even if you don’t like setting your makeup, the beauty of this powder brush may get you started.  It is an inspiring work of art that will look amazing on your vanity.  As all others in the Live Beauty Fully Collection, the powder brush is both super dense and soft.  Touch those bristles once, and you’ll be in love.  


This brush was designed for powder blush application, but I personally got it for soft contouring ( or should I say non-touring?).  To me, that made perfect sense since it has a very nice angle that hugs my cheekbones.  Did it work?  Scroll down for video and find out!


This is a medium sized fluffy brush, designed to apply powder foundation, finishing powder, bronzer and highlighting powder.  Its shape reminded me of a cute bunny tail, and I figured it would be perfect to apply powder blush to the apples of my cheeks.  I show you how I did this on my First Impressions video too!


Personally, I don’t like applying concealer with a makeup brush.  I actually bought this one in the hopes that it would do a quick and easy job as an all over shadow brush to apply the lightest eye shadow shade.


Everybody needs a small angled brush like this one.  I love the versatility of it.  Angled and precise, this brush can be used for multiple purposes: to line your eyes with eye shadow, or to fill in your brows.

I purchased this small, firm, thin tapered paddle headed brush to apply eye shadow over my lid.  Of course, as its name says, it was conceived to apply concealer and you are welcomed to use it that way too, if it works for you.

I also purchased the  #216 ALL OVER SHADOW BRUSH  and the #220 SMALL SHADOW BRUSH , I will show you what I use those for during the demo I filmed for you.
 When it comes to makeup brushes I’ve had my share of huge FAILS before, so I guess that’s where my scepticism is coming from. Let’s find out together whether, all in all, these brushes are worth the money or not. 

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