The last few months have been quite intense for me, for multiple reasons. 
( I promise I will eventually make a chit chat video for you guys going into all the details).  
But the most exhausting – and yet super exhausting – project my husband and I have been involved in recently is remodeling our new apartment.  
In other words, long hours managing contractors, buying construction supplies and having my hair and skin exposed to tons and tons of dust.  You get the picture.  Quite a bittersweet ordeal indeed for any human being, and a bit of a nightmare for a self-proclaimed beauty blogger 😉
(Don’t get me wrong – all jokes aside – I’m beyond grateful that we got this new place).
So, you may be wondering:  how on earth is this connected to beauty? 

 Well, hair oils and moisturizers have been my secret to protecting my skin and my hair throughout this process.  They create a barrier between these and the external factors damaging them and helps lock in hydration as well. So, I finally decided it would be quite interesting to make a video comparing 2 hair oils I’ve been reaching out for lately, and see which one actually performed best during these very extreme conditions I’m facing right now.

Follow me around a typical day in my life, as I try to figure out which one wins:  Elvive Extraordinary Oil or Dove Dry Oil Hair Care?

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