My blog has been attracting quite a few luxury skincare products lately. So I will be making a series of blog posts and videos reviewing different high end skincare brands, as I try them out and come to a conclusion about them. Ahhh… The perks of being a beauty blogger / vlogger really get to their highest point when I get the chance to give these a go!  It’s not that high end necessarily equals high quality… But, there’s something about an item’s price point that’s instantly intriguing!  Does it REALLY work THAT well, we always wonder.  

Today, I will share all my personal thoughts about my week trying Shiawasedo Skincare System.  About a month ago, I was sent some PR samples from Shiawasedo.  In the history of my blog and channel – which I’ve had since 2011 – I think I never reviewed any Japanese beauty products and I was really really curious to try them out.  

  ( As. Always. Honesty. First. )

 I asked you guys on Twitter, and you were curious to learn about them too!

So, let me share with you what I learned about these products, how to use them and how each performed in my opinion.   By the end of this review, I will also share my final verdict on whether the Shiawasedo Skincare System is HOT or NOT.

The first thing I wanted to point out is: don’t feel intimidated by the fact that the packaging has almost has no instructions in English. I did my research and here are 3 reasons: 1- I made a special video / demo to show you how I used each product, so you can always come back!  2-You can checkout descriptions, ingredients and instructions in several languages, including English on their website. 2- Shiawasedo ships worldwide.

Here’s the 5 items that I got:

1.  Shiawasedo 3D Face Mask

One word to describe this product is unique.   I was impressed from the moment I opened one for the first time. I could instantly tell this was a high quality mask.  It stretches to perfectly fit the entire surface of your face like a globe, allowing you to comfortably move without it falling. Another highlight that makes it different is that it was soaked – and when I say soak, I mean GENEROUSLY SOAKED – in super hyaluronic acid serum.  Honestly, I’ve never seen anything like this.  It is refreshing and super hydrating beyond belief.  And this comes from a dry / combo / sensitive skin gal, so trust me on this one.  Seems that the main reason for this deep hydration is the Super Hyaluronic acid.  It’s the latest trend in the skincare industry these days, and it is said to retain twice the amount of water than regular Hyaluronic acid.  I had an AHA moment.  The last thing that makes this mask unique is that it covers everything, including you neck!  The neck is often overlooked when it comes to face sheets, so that alone meant a few extra points for me.  You get 5 masks or face sheets per pack.  That means you’re paying roughly $10 USD each, which is not that bad for such a high end and innovative mask.

2.  Shiawasedo Lotion
If you know me, you know I dread toners and lotions and rarely use them.  There’s one ingredient to be blamed for this: ALCOHOL.  Luckily, I found out early that the Shiawasedo Lotion was far from being the aggressive toners I always hated.  This lotion is actually hydrating, gentle and alcohol and fragrance free.  I was pleased to double check it didn’t have any alcohol on their site and by spilling a few drops on top of a paper cut I had on my finger.  No brunning sensation!  We’re good 🙂  Then I applied as most lotions should be applied to combo skin: on my T-Zone.  You can check that out on the video I filmed for my channel as well.  The lotion’s main in ingredient?  You guessed it:  SUPER HYALURONIC ACID.

3. Shiawasedo Face Cream
By the time I got to try the face cream, I was already pretty seduced by the line’s formula and I wanted more.  I used the face cream in the evening.  I generally do.  By gently and quickly tapping with my fingertips I applied it throughout my face.  It was silky, medium to light texture… just how I like them.
The next morning, was the big test for me: no tightness, no breakouts and glowing beautifully hydrated skin.  These people know what they’re doing I thought.

4.  Shiawasedo Essence Serum
The Serum I must confess I was not too excited.  I’m just never too excited by Serums in the first place.  But when I have one, I typically use it in the morning, almost as a primer before doing my makeup.  So the key to a great serum in my opinion is that it doesn’t react in a weird way with my foundation.  This one did the trick.  I was ready for it to fail, but it didn’t.  Good stuff.  Left me glowing from within all day.

5.  Shiawasedo Body Cream
At the risk of sounding exagerated.  This was the one product on this line that was breathtaking.  I’m your average drugstore body cream kind of girl, and I thought it worked just fine for me.   That was until I met this body cream.  Seriously.  My legs, shoulders and cleavage, looked so sexy and had a very luxurious glow.  It’s like you’re getting a highlighter and a cream all in one.  But you’re actually glowing because of it’s ultra-hydrating collagen and super hyaluronic acid ingredients.
After I saw th first resulsts, which by the way looked amazing on top of my self tanned skin, all I could think of, is there’s too little product in here for my body!!! I want this to last forever.  Coming from a chick who was desperately trying not to get hooked with a luxury $36.06 USD body cream.  
Long story short?  This was the one product I just HAD to order.  
Yes. Me. Completely. Hooked.

Forgive me, I just think it’s absolutely different and looks sexy on.

 My other favorite of the bunch?  The 3D Face Mask.  I think they’re both equally and totally worth the splurge.   If you’re like me and must choose between the entire line, I would recommend going for either of these. 🙂

One last thing:
 if you’re looking to save a bit, you can like their Facebook Page for 10% OFF 
( I learned this by following them on Instagram ).

Checkout my video review and demo on the Shiawasedo Skincare System

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