BEAUTY | Diamonds for your Skincare?! Kristals Cosmetics Diamond Review *

As a beauty blogger, you sometimes have the illusion that you’ve seen and tried it all… But diamonds on my skincare??!  That sure was new for me and certainly felt too intriguing of a challenge to resist.    So, as you can see, I quickly embraced this once in a lifetime opportunity to try out this luxurious skincare line, containing such a unique ingredient.   
Here’s how my little beauty experiment went:  through a 2 week period ALL that touched my face was Kristals Diamond skincare line.  Sounds so fancy, huh?  And to make it as accurate as possible, I went makeup-free during these 2 weeks, so that no other factors could alter my results.
Miracle or Hype?  
Patience ladies and keep on reading 🙂

Before even applying a drop of product, I did my research and here’s in a nutshell the top 3 benefits or claims of diamonds as a skincare ingredient:

1.  Diamonds can help firm and lift your skin
2.  Diamonds offer longer exfoliation effects than any other exfoliating ingredient.
3.  Diamonds lock in moisture
Well, hello there!  Welcome to my life!!!  Hey, I’m no longer 20, so I can always use some anti-aging and moisture boost.    
Now,back to my little 2 week experiment, here’s how my new skincare routine went:
In the mornings and evenings, I cleansed my face using the Kristals Diamond Anti-Gravity Gentle Foaming Milk.   This is a slightly rich  2-phase milk-to-foam cleanser.   Like all 2-phase skincare products, you need to make sure you shake well, before applying.


As you guys know, I have sensitive skin.  I found this was good for deep yet gentle cleansing of my skin.  It performed very well as a makeup remover the first time I used it.  As mentioned above, the rest of the 2 weeks I went completely makeup free. I also give this Diamond Foaming Milk some extra points because I didn’t experience any signs of irritation whatsoever.  

In comparison to my regular cleanser, I felt my face much more hydrated and smoother even before applying any serum.   As far as traveling with it, rest assured this $259.95 product is perfectly safe inside it’s protective case.

Step 2 of my Diamond skincare routine was using my   Kristals Diamond Anti-Gravity Firming Serum .  
My first impressions revolved around the packaging: an eye-catching, vanity worthy silver bottle.
This serum contains diamond powder, that is said to help contract the collagen of our skin, resulting in a much firmer, plumper complexion.  
I used exactly 2 pumps of this firming serum in each application, and spread it through my face, but always excluding the area around my eyes.   
With this serum you can be sure to experience an instant improvement in all over softness.  I also felt like I had a protective barrier against dust and city pollution.
But what stroke me the most was the results I got when using it in the area around my lips.  I have a tendency for drier skin over my top lip and I have to admit the Diamond Serum definitely worked for me to hydrate, protect and plump that area.
I must confess – out of ALL the products of the Kristals Diamond line –  the one I couldn’t wait to try out was the Kristals DIAMOND Anti-Gravity Magnetic Mask .  It just had such a great concept and unique texture!    

I applied this anti-aging mask twice a week, just like the instructions recommended, so a total of 4 times throughout my trial period.  It has a thick metallic texture and smells great to me.  

In the mask’s case you also get a spatula for application.  I applied a thin layer of the mask over my entire face, always avoiding the eye area and let it work for 7 minutes while I enjoyed a relaxing candlelight bubble bath.  I must admit there is a psychological element to adding this luxurious mask to my pamper evening.   It just felt like I was going above and beyond to spoil myself… and that felt SOOO GOOD!  🙂

Fun Fact about this product:  the removal process is, in my opinion, a magical and exciting experience.  In the product’s box, you get a magnet.  Following the removal instructions I wrapped the magnet in tissue and glided it all over my face, as a watched how the metallic particles became, of course, attached to it.
Once this step is done, my skin was left with a thin layer of what is described as Organic Oil Extracts. Following the process, I massaged this into the skin, using a circular motion.   As I used this mask only for pamper evening, I then proceeded with the rest of my usual evening routine:  cleansed with the DIAMOND Anti-Gravity Gentle Foaming Milk. and then applied the Anti Gravity Firming Serum. 

can honestly  only describe my skin after the above process with one word:  glowing!  
It just looked and felt relaxed, super moisturized and radiant.

So overall – even though 2 weeks may not seem like enough time for some people to try out a new skincare routine – I can definitely say I had a an absolutely pleasant and satisfying personal experience using a skincare line containing diamonds. 
I will continue to use this line and touch base with you guys again in the near future to share mid and long term results.

In the meantime, if you’re interested in learning more about the Diamond Line, purchase online or sign up for 15% discount feel free to visit their official Kristals online store.

If you have any other questions I could help you with regarding my personal experience with this product, just leave them in the comments below!

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