BEAUTY | HOLIDAY INSPIRED LOOK with Sephora Happy Holiday Glitter Brush Set

Happy Thanksgiving!
There is always something to be grateful for.
Even in the most challenging times, we can say thank you for so many things that we usually take for granted, don’t you think?
Personally I’m grateful and humbled by the increasing support I’ve received on my Blog and Channel.
Over 100 THOUSAND people have given this little place in the internet their support this year…  And you have no idea how much gratitude I have in my heart.  
As a blogger, it’s hard to say this, but I am indeed out of words to describe it.
So, a HUGE THANK YOU to you ALL!
That’s said, here’s more Beauty & Makeup for you all in today’s post… that’s why you’re here in the first place, isn’t it?  And I have a very special Holiday Makeup Look Tutorial for you. AND a demo of my current Favorite Brush Set:  the Sephora Happy Holiday Glitter Brush Set… Yes!  2 in 1 🙂
Scroll down for pictures and much more !

At a first glance the Sephora Holiday Glitter Brush Set with captivate you:  Gold metal handles that end in a sleek white rubber point.
Perfect length and luxurious look make this brush set PERFECT for my vanity.
And there’s more!  The brush set comes with a stand where you can display your brushes.
It’s a very good quality fancy stand, and the reason why I don’t have it is a funny anecdote 🙂

As you guys know, I’m not based in the US, and so I don’t have a Sephora nearby.
For this reason, I rely on the kindness of friends and family that live abroad or travel for business or pleasure, to keep up to date with these amazing beauty products!
This brush set was brought to me by my brother in law, who lives in Canada.  And, girls, anyone who asks a man to do this should warn them about what is important and what’s not in the product packaging, you’ll understand why in a second.  Story short, my brother in law was exceeding his language weight, and so he called me to let me know he was going to get rid of some “boxes” of my latest Sephora Haul, and I said, SURE!  I don’t really need some of the boxes anyway.
You probably guessed by now what happened, right?
Yup, the luxurious Brush Set Stand was a “box” 😦
This is a hilarious anecdote that teaches you to be very clear to men when it comes to makeup!  Most of them are really clueless, take it from me!
Anyways, the brushes are what matters, and that they got to me!  I truly am grateful to him for that!

The brushes are GREAT quality.  I’m not even exaggerating guys.
The synthetic bristles are as soft as clouds, and this is coming from a girl with EXTREMELY sensitive skin.  You will ENJOY doing your makeup with these, I promise.
And most importantly, they DO NOT shed… like EVER!
I was impressed, coming from the Macy’s Get The Pulse brush set, which you can learn about right here.

As far as details, the handles have SEPHORA engraved on one side and the brush name on the other side.  Which is both thoughtful and helpful from Sephora!  
As a beauty blogger and vlogger, we want to be able to name the brushes in a set for our readers or viewers to be able to follow a tutorial easily.
Although my favorite brush in the set was the Big Blush Brush, I was more than impressed with 2 other brushes in the Happy Holiday Glitter Brush Set.
First, the lip brush:  it is very precise, you could even line your lips with it if you wanted to!
And then, the pointed foundation brush:  which I’d rather use for contouring.
In general I apply my foundation with a blending sponge, Beauty Blender or similar one.
But the point of this foundation brush makes it perfect for contouring your cheekbones and nose.
I also love that the entire brush set is consistent in quality.
And I honestly can’t find a CON in the Kit.
And you guys know I HATED other brush sets and never have never will hesitate to let you know when I do!
Even the $80 USD price is a GREAT $225 USD value!  
If you ask me, this is a great opportunity, that won’t come back until next year, since the set is a Limited Holiday Edition!
Scroll down for my Holiday Inspired Look in bright nudes, using this Sephora Glitter Happy Brush Set, and see it in action to understand why I’m raving so much about this.
I 100% recommend this !

Now on to the HOLIDAY Tutorial!
I was inspired by these rose-gold mettalic brush set to make a chic bright nudes look for these Holidays. I feel anyone could wear this look for a Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Year’s eve dinner.
L’Oreal La Touche Magique Concealer / Lumi Liquid Concealer

Hope you enjoy!

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