REVIEWS | Benefit 10, Hoola & Sugarbomb Review & Tutorial [ PICS & VIDEO ]

Big Hair, don’t care.
Let’s get one thing out of the way before you mention it.
Yes, I’m wearing clips all over my hair.  And no, I haven’t lost it ;P
Here’s my excuse:  
I was in the middle of getting ready for a dinner party I had that same night and trying this new tip I heard about that if you let your curls cool down in its own shape they will last longer… so I just HAD to give it a go!  You know I’m all about curls lately 🙂

Now that that’s settled, I feel you’re psychologically prepared to watch today’s video!
True, REAL life backstage of me getting ready + more…
I will FINALLY be reviewing and demoing, as highly requested by you guys, the Benefit Cosmetics Box-O-Powders.  I own 3 of them:  Benefit Hoola, Benefit 10 and Benefit Sugarbomb.

You will see how I apply these and how they look on my very pale skin.
You will learn about price, how long they last, pros and cons.
Hopefully with all this info, you’ll draw your very own conclusions on whether this product is right for you too… or NOT!
You decide.


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