Shopping for new brushes soon?  
Here’s an honest review you may find helpful, before you spend your money!
I got the Macy’s Get the Pulse 8pc Brush Set as a present from my parent’s last trip to Miami, Florida.  It was about a year and a half ago, and I swear it looked so pretty when I first saw the set – maybe because I’ve never owned a complete brush-set back then – that I literally didn’t dare even use it for a few months!  But did it live up to my expectations? 
Hmmm…  Keep reading!

 Let me start with an overview of the product.
After almost a year of using the set though, I have to say I do have a few weak points worth mentioning.  Which is completely fine.  This is the type of reviews I really enjoy doing, because I think they will be very informative and valuable to anyone thinking of spending their hard earned money on it.  That said, not all is bad either, so I suggest you keep reading and weight the pros and cons before you make your purchase.  I will tell you my verdict, as always, at the end!
The Get the Pulse Brushset by Macy’s includes 8 brushes for your eyes and complexion.
Regarding the price, this set can be purchased online at Macy’s site for $39 USD.
I have to admit this is a good price point.  Just as a reference, an 8 piece Sigma Essentials brushset is around $122 USD.   So, this is an affordable set, which to some, may justify some of its weaknesses.
At the back of the box you see a picture and a clear description of everything that you get with the set:
1- Concealer Brush – for concealer and cream application
2- Angled Blush Brush – for blush, bronzer or contouring
3- Short Shadow Brush – for Eyeshadow contour application.
I use this for eye contouring, with Benefit Hoola, but not always.  I could live without this one because I’m not particularly impressed by it.
4- Blurring Brush – for an airbrushed appearance with liquid, cream, powder or mineral foundation.
I usually use this one to mix and spread my liquid foundation all over the center of my face.  But for blending in and for a more natural look, there’s no brush better than my damp Quo Sculpting Sponge or a damp Beauty Blender.
5- Powder Brush – For all over loose and pressed powder application
I use this with my Benefit Hoola Powder to warm up my entire face.  It picks up little product, which is a good thing for a powder brush, and you can build up that bronzed overall look.
6- Foundation Brush – Foundation and cream makeup application.
I like this to apply loose powder over my under eye concealer, or even conceal big areas of my face, when needed, where the concealing brush would be too small.
7- Orbit Brush – All over eye shadow or crease shadow application.
8- Eyeliner / brow brush – For eyeliner or brow application.
I was impressed with this brush, it was particularly precise. Picked up the right amount of product.  Worked well with gel eyeliner and eyeshadow.  And I really turn to it over and over for both eye-lining and filling my brows.
Now, let me start by listing the Top 5 Brushes in this set ordered by my personal preference:
1- Eyeliner/Brow Brush
2- Concealer
3- Blurring brush
4- Foundation
Although not mentioned at the back, the 9th item you get is a faux leather quilted travel case. 
 I personally would have preferred the rigid case, like the ones Sigma travel sets offer.  The reason is that while your brushes are in the same place and being used, and hence dirty, you can keep them in the two leather cups, and they don’t get the case dirty.  I also have a feeling a rigid case would be more protective of the .  The plus of this type of cases, however,  is that they’re easier to pack given their flexibility.
Regarding the set’s brush bristles quality, here are a few comments:
– They are all synthetic.
– 3 of the brushes shed like crazy:  Powder  Brush, Angled Brush and Blending Eyeshadow Brush.  I would say the Powder brush sheds more than the angled brush.  This can be extremely annoying specially if you get one of  the   bristles stuck in your foundation.
– Half of the set is nice and soft and the other half just isn’t. Black brushes with black bristles lack softness, but the lighter bristles are much softer.  In fact, for sensitive skin you may find them a bit too harsh.
– These are the softer ones ( ordered by my perceived softness ):  
1- Concealer
2- Blurring brush
3- Foundation
4- Eyeliner/Brow Brush
Not soft enough at all and sheds quite a bit.  Also the wooden handle came detached from the ferrule.  I didn’t return the set though.  Why?  I simply couldn’t because I live in a different country 😦  Instead,  I will deal with this in my own way and have my husband glue its 2 pieces back together after this review.  If you hold it in a weird way, you can still use it unglued, which is what I did for a while.   I really wanted you guys to see things exactly as I experienced it, so I kept it detached until I had time to film it  and show you.  
So there are 2 possible conclusions for this: 1- I was just very unlucky and this rarely happens on this set.  2- The quality check for the Macy’s Get the Pulse brush-set needs some serious improvements.  Granted: it’s not the end of the world.  But getting a brand NEW product that is already damaged, broken, flawed or poorly glued together is a BIG TURN OFF.  
I can’t hide my disappointment on the mentioned weak points.  I hate to write negative reviews, I rarely do, because I imagine the people working behind products or those who actually like it, and let’s face it, I could have just been unlucky with the one I got.  But I have to be 100% honest: I simply was expecting a higher quality from this product…. yes, even for $39 USD!  
Personally, I will keep Macy’s Get The Pulse Brush-set and fix it, because 1) it was a gift and 2) I can’t return it because I live in a different country.  Most likely, I’ll use it as my travel set for a while, at least until I buy a better one.  
BUT – this is such an OBVIOUS statement – you should NEVER EVER have to fix a brand NEW product, that’s ridiculous and a big NO-NO! Plus, makeup brushes that shed ruin your makeup, and they’re supposed to do the exact opposite.  In short, I would NEVER feel comfortable recommending this set to you guys…
My final verdict: NOT HOT!  In fact, ALMOST COLD!  
… unfortunately 😦
That said, Macy’s has released this Get The Pulse Brushset with a new box.  The rest of the set appears to be exactly the same.  So I would expect the same quality issues, but – who knows? – they could also have made some improvements to the set.  Just throwing that out there, to give them the benefit of the doubt!  I wouldn’t take the chance though, you’ve been warned!

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