TIP TUESDAY | How to Drink More Water

We don’t need no lecture on the importance of drinking water.  You and I have heard it a million times: helps in weight-loss, detoxes the body, clears the skin, gets rid of headaches, among other great benefits.  There’s nothing new in all this and still, we all have such difficulties getting as much of it as we need each day ( at least 3 litres or 100 oz). Why oh why do we resist to feel better, by this simple act of drinking H20? It’s just puzzling, isn’t it?  I will tell you why… It feels boring and dull. There, I said it!  I must confess, that I need to make a conscious “note-to-self” every single day or I will very easily fail to drink enough water.

Now, that said, I’ve lately been doing a much better job at this, so I wanted to share my new and very simple 3 tips, that you can put them into practice right now, to stay hydrated.

#1 Incorporate more fruit and other foods containing high percentage of water
Eat your water 🙂  It’s a myth that water from foods and infusions don’t count on your daily 3 litre water intake.  Try to eat lots of fruits that have high content of water, such as kiwis, berries, watermelons, oranges, grapefruits, strawberries and pineapples. As you see in the picture, there’s the fruit salad I had for lunch yesterday. Delicious, high in fiber and juicy! Super healthy.

#2  Make water a bit more interesting!
I simply add some slices of lemon and /or lime to cold mineral water on my crystal water jar… this looks great, fresh and makes water taste better. Plus, lemon helps your weight-loss goals as well. You can also add a little mint or cucumber slices.  I guarantee this will be a lot more appealing to you. Your family and guests will love the look of this on your dinner table, and will make them feel oh so special 🙂  I prepare one of those jars every morning, and, as you can see on the above picture, place it on our living room’s coffee table, so that any time my husband or I walk by, we are reminded to at least have 1 glass of it.  If by lunch time, that jar is still full, then we know we’re doing things wrong but still have plenty of time to “recalculate” and fix before the end of the day.

#3  Buy yourself a FUN & SEXY glass!
Have your water in a visible place and get an attractive glass or water container to drink from that’s unique enough to keep calling your attention.  This will be a constant reminder that you must drink more water.  I usually keep mine next to my computer while I’m working and, as you can see in the picture, the one I got is a pretty unusual mix between a beer mug and a jam jar… with a straw and in blue! Definitely works to catch my eye.  Think of all the work Soda Brands put into attractive and colourful packaging to make you buy more and more sodas… and try to emulate this for your water!

Let me know how it goes and leave your comments below with your own tips on How to Drink More Water.

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