MOTIVATION | 20 Reasons Why You ARE Enough – No Matter What You’ve Heard!

You REALLY are ENOUGH.  Not in a year, or 10…  Right now.   You  DON’T have to wait for the right time, for the right moment, for the right education, for the right weight, for the right man, for the right approval, for the right amount of money to prove to yourself what you’re worth… You truly ARE enough, and ALWAYS were.

You may have been told otherwise, and may be doubting these lines for a minute….  So let me I’m tell you more about who you are.  I’VE SEEN YOU.  I’ve witnessed you EVERY day and EVERYWHERE.

  1. You are SO VALUABLE:  You are a hard working woman, underpaid in comparison to your male peers at work.  And yet NOTHING stops you.  You can have the strength and determination to keep fighting for what you know you’re worth.
  2. You are SO CREATIVE: You have the generosity of giving your body to this unique act of conceiving a new life, while you can compassionately put up with shallow concerns of how fast you’re expected to go back to your pre-pregnancy weight. 
  3. You are SO BEAUTIFUL:  You are absolutely breathtaking, and God created you sexy and adorable in all sizes and shapes.  And in spite of the craziness around you, you can have the inner depth to look at yourself in the mirror with love and gratitude.
  4. You are SO BRAVE:  You allow yourself to cry,  express your feelings and OWN your tears but can have the courage to never allow this to break you.
  5. You are SO INSPIRING:  You can keep going no matter what and share with others how’s it’s done.
  6. You are SO EMPATHIC:  You can listen like you want to be heard and can help someone feel better with a kind word, a hug or a smile.
  7. You are SO PERFECTLY IMPERFECT:  You can have your days, you can have your flaws… and you know it’s OK.
  8. You are SO WARM:  You can have a special gift for creating a MOMENT, a FRIENDSHIP, a HOME.
  9. You have SUCH POSITIVE ATTITUDE:  You don’t take life too seriously, even when everything falls apart, you can look at life with a sense of humour.
  10. You have SUCH ACCEPTANCE:  You can understand that sometimes you win, and sometimes you loose.
  11. You are SO DETERMINED:  You know what you want, and when you don’t you can FIGURE IT OUT.
  12. You are SO UNIQUE:  You’re lucky to be DIFFERENT, and would never trade places with anyone else.  You can have your own special TALENT and proudly NOT hide it.
  13. You are SO RESILIENT:  You can have EVERYTHING you need inside YOU to heal and move on.
  14. You are SO COMPASSIONATE:  Everyone’s a work­ in ­progress, and you can look at others and, most importantly, at yourself in that subtle light, without beating you up!
  15. You are SO CONFIDENT:  You’re not here to IMPRESS anyone.  You can laugh, love and live on your own terms.
  16. You are SO STRONG:  You can have the strength in your ability to be okay with your weaknesses.
  17. You are SO FREE:  You can choose your actions, according to your own personal thoughts and beliefs.
  18. You DRESS for SUCCESS:  You can proudly and femininely work towards BECOMING who you already ARE.
  19. You are SO GENTLE:  You can treat yourself like you deserve to be treated and can still find tenderness for others.
  20. You are SUCH A DREAMER:  You don’t live someone else’s life.  You can follow your own path in spite of the risks and the fears of what may be ahead.
You are ENOUGH… more than ENOUGH…. You are YOU!  
And you have NOTHING to prove to ANYONE else.

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