Throwback Thursday | The origin of my #1 guilty pleasure ;)

My biggest guilty pleasure, up to this date, is by far, to have breakfast in bed!  But hear me out when I say, it has become more of a NEED and I will explain why in just one second.  For this extravagancy, I have to “blame” [ or thank ] my Dad.  Every single morning since I can remember he used to prepare and bring each and every one of our family members breakfast in bed.  How sweet AND rare is that?!  And how spoiled were we???!!!

Here’s proof!  [And before you even mention it in the comments: Yes, the secret’s out! I’m not a natural blonde!  Bet you’re probably not THAT shocked are you?].

As exhibit 1 shows, my cute baby brother, Robert, and I are both having hot cocoa while half asleep. He must have been around 3 at the time this picture was taken and I was almost 5. Nowadays, I’d rather consider myself the younger sister [ hushhhh ] and he is now a very well known Doctor… But he will ALWAYS be my baby brother whom I’ve always loved waaay too much.

That sleepy face of mine, is not too far from this morning’s.  Thank to my Dad’s “legacy”, my husband is now stuck with this language of love:  me needing at the very least one cup of coffee in bed before I can start my day.  He has taken it well so far.  Plus, I can literally NOT function before I take a few sips, and he gets it… I think… or well… he doesn’t have much choice 🙂

One last thing remains to be said: Beware to my future sister in law, wherever she may be!

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