Makeup Monday | Try Benefit Cosmetics Top Sellers for less!

So you’ve read tons of reviews and still can’t make up your mind, on which Benefit products are right for you.  They all look amazing and their packaging is to DIE for, right?! You really don’t need to spend a small fortune to try them all and make your selection… if you follow this one simple tip!

Do NOT go for full size products before you’ve actually tried them FIRST.

Although I have NEVER bumped into Benefit products that have disappointed me, I haven’t repurchased them all either – for reasons that had NOTHING to do with their quality or concept – such as compatibility with my lifestyle needs, skin tone or skin type.  Fortunately, Benefit realizes this, and there’s an easy way to spend less and try more of them:  Buy their special Kits filled with Benefit Top Seller minis !

Here are 6 options ( in no particular preference order), so you can pick which one has the right combo of products you’ve been meaning to get. Plus each kit provides a tips & tricks brochure on how to effectively use and combine the products in each one.

#1 Benefit Pore Proof Kit
I would recommend this kit for: Oily Skin Type or for people who are self conscious about the way their pores look.

For $46 USD, this Kit includes:
– Benefit The POREfessional Mini
   This balm helps you minimize the appearance of pores.

– Benefit Agent Zero Shine Mini
  Use this powder for shine control.

– Benefit License To Blot The POREfessional Mini 
   Mattify shine with this oil-blotting stick.

– Benefit Dr. Feelgood Mini
  Apply to mattify skin and leave it feeling super soft.

– Benefit Shy Beam Mini
  Shy Beam is a perfect matte highlighter.

You can learn more about this kit here.

#2   Benefit Primping with the Stars All-Time Greatest “Fake-Its” Kit
I would recommend this kit to all those who:
a. are not very self conscious about their skin,
b. like going for a natural fresh look with focus on the eyes.

For $43 USD, this Kit includes:
– Benefit They’re Real! Beyond Mascara 3.0g
  This  award winning mascara, lengthens and separates your eye lashes.
– Benefit Stay Don’t Stray Stay 2.5ml
   This is a primer for Concealers & Eyeshadows. 

– Benefit Benetint 4.0ml
  Benetint is possibly Benefit’s most famous product. A tinted lip & cheek stain. You can checkout my full review and comparisson with Benefit Posietint here.

– Benefit Some Kind-a Gorgeous 3.5g
  This is a very light coverage foundation or ‘Foundation Faker’ that comes in Medium shade on this kit. 

– Benefit Girl Meets Pearl 7.5ml
   This product is a lovely liquid Pearl-like highlither for a glowing looking skin. 

– Benefit The POREfessional  7.5ml
  PRO Balm Primer is used to minimize the appearance of pores.

You can purchase Primping with the Stars right here.

#3 Benefit Rockitude Lip & Chick Kit 

I would recommend this kit to achieve a very feminine everyday dewy look.

For $41 USD, this Kit includes:
– Benefit Benetint 4ml

  As mentioned on the Primping with the Starks kit ( see above ), this is a tinted lip & cheek stain in rose, that gives a very natural and lasting blush to your look. 

– Benefit Highbeam 4ml

   This is a luminescent complexion enhancer.  Definitely my go-to highlighter right now. You can checkout my full review here and my tutorial here.

– Benefit Rockateur 3g
   This is one of Benefit cheek powder boxes, particularly in Rose gold shade.

– Benefit Ultra Plush in Rockateur 6.5ml
  This is one of Benefit glosses in  a rose gold nude shade. 

You can purchase this kit here.

#4 Benefit PocketPal

Before you put it in the comments below, yes I’m aware this is NOT a kit.  It still just feels to me that it belongs on this post and I’ll tell you why.  A full size bottle of Benetint alone costs $30 USD.  So, you may as well try it for a bit less before spending more money.

For $25 USD, you get:
– Benefit Benetint 3.2ml
– a long lasting lip gloss 2.8g

I would recommend Benefit PocketPal to any busy girl who needs to touch up on the go and enjoys an effortless-makeup look.

If you like it, you can get PocketPal by clicking right here.

#5 Benefit Do the Hoola Kit
I would recommend this kit to anyone who appreciates an everlasting summer bronzed look.

For $46 USD, you can try:
– Benefit Hoola 

 I am obsessed with this bronzing powder, and haven’t been able to replace it by any other one!  It has the perfect shade for my very pale skin.  You can checkout my contouring tutorial with it here.

– Benefit Dew the Hoola mini | 7mL

  Not available until 2016, however, you can only get this product on the Benefit Do The Hoola set.       This is a dewy finish cream blush in shade Hoola.

– Benefit Ultra plush lip gloss mini in Hoola 

  Benefit gloss in  Hoola bronze shade.

– Benefit They’re real! mascara mini

   Small sized version of the award winning mascara.

– Benefit Benebalm mini

  Hydrating tinted lip balm in Rose shade.

Find out more about Hoola Kit on this site.

#6 Benefit They’re Real! Sexy on the Run Kit
I would recommend this kit to any girl whose makeup style is ALL about sexy LASHES!

For $46 USD, you’re purchasing:
– Benefit They’re Real! Mascara Mini
  As mentioned above, this is Benefit’s award winning mascara for dramatically long lashes.

– Benefit They’re Real! Mascara Mini in Beyond Brown

  Benefit’s award winning mascara in brown for a more natural day look.

– Benefit They’re Real! Push-up Liner Mini in Beyond Black

   Waterproof, matte black, lash-hugging gel liner in a pen.

– Benefit They’re Real! Remover Mini

   Gentle waterproof mascara remover, specially designed for They’re Real! Mascaras.

Here’s a link where you can purchase Benefit They’re Real! Sexy on the Run.

If you didn’t notice, I’m obsessed with Benefit products and will continue buying my holy grail ones and trying out new ones for years to come!  My favorite kits are  Benefit Do the Hoola  and Benefit Rockitude … how about yours?

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