REAL LIFE | My Wedding Dress! (Part2: Religious Ceremony)

I know many young girls dream of their wedding.  MY biggest dream growing up, was not so much the wedding itself, but actually finding my true love.

Someone to share everything with, and that I could never get enough of.  That to me, is the foundation of the perfect wedding!  No matter how small or fancy.

That said, I was blessed with both: my dream love AND a dream wedding. 

Here’s the story in pictures, behind the wedding dress I picked for my Religious Ceremony!

I was married in May 2008, and that’s Autumn here in Argentina.

When I first started looking around for a wedding dress with  my Mom, I remember I was determined to buying a dress that had already been made, Prêt-à-Porter, like the french say (if that’s even the correct term).  The reason for that was that I had previously had two bad experiences with two different designers, that were not able to interpret my vision for my dresses.  They did a great job, but it was not the dress I had asked for.  So, that said, for this very special time, I wanted a WYSIWYG experience, if you know what I mean.

Well, the problem was that we started our search and we couldn’t find anything with the quality and the design I was looking for.  (That was not the case for my civil wedding dress, which I absolutely fell in love with at first sight!).  So, as you can probably anticipate, “my determination” lasted very little.  My Religious Ceremony Wedding dress was custom designed for me in the end.  BUT to ensure my uncertainty would be under control this time, I chose the designer from a Bridal Magazine, and went to him with the picture of the exact dress I had LOVED from him (from a fashion show) and requested him to please make that one EXACTLY for me!

The designer is actually a very re-known one here in Argentina, and in many other countries.  His name is Laurencio Adot.  You can Google him, he’s everywhere.  And he’s not only talented, he’s also a very sweet and humble person.  And I think those are great qualities in a Bridal Designer.

Why did I pick THIS dress?
Honestly, I LOVED the movement in this dress’ skirt.  THAT’s the main reason!  I thought it looked like a cloud, and that somehow made it very romantic in my mind.

What gave it that ethereal movement was that its skirt had many many meters of gauze in it.  I can’t remember how many exactly (it’s been almost 5 years!), but its volume was 100% gauze. There was no other structure below!  Which made it light and perfect for dancing ALL NIGHT!

With the same gauze, he made my veil/tail, which I wore only at the church and then removed it for the party.  I had a white roses bouquet, and wore white pointed high heel sandals.

My tiara – dilemma, lasted for about…. 2 seconds!  What other chance would I ever get in my life to get away with wearing a tiara!  This was my chance!  They built a flexible tiara for me with Swarovski crystals in it.  And the best part is, the lady did it specially in such a way that nowadays I can wear it as a necklace!  That was so clever of her! Wasn’t it?

Hope you found some inspiration in my wedding dress story 🙂
If you happen to be shopping for wedding dresses, feel free to browse at this selection I found online:

If you want to take a peek at my wedding day, I leave you to my Religious Ceremony video!

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8 thoughts on “REAL LIFE | My Wedding Dress! (Part2: Religious Ceremony)

  1. Such a beautiful dress Heidi, no wonder you fell in love with it. It goes without saying how stunning you looked too. I had the opposite problem when getting my wedding dress. I couldn't find *anything* that I liked in the “ready to wear” that was available to me and where I live. I was beyond lucky to find an amazing dressmaker who I met at a wedding fair about a year before my wedding and she made me the dress of my dreams. I got married in Autumn too (October in the Northern Hemisphere!) and I wanted something a little different. I haven't got the figure to wear a strapless dress, and in fairness, it wouldn't have suited me.

    My dressmaker, Nadine, was just fantastic. Nothing was too much trouble and she and I designed the dress together. She actually got my vision of what I wanted which helped so much. The final pattern was very different from anything that she had ever done for a wedding so she was really pleased to work on something a little different.

    Fi xoxox


  2. Beautiful!! I normally don't post on your blog cuz I love your videos, but the pictures are awesome and I didn't know you lived in Argetina! Jealous!


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